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  1. (noun, person) a murderer (especially one who kills a prominent political figure) who kills by a surprise attack and often is hired to do the deed
    assassinators of kings and emperors
  2. (noun, person) a member of a secret order of Muslims (founded in the 12th century) who terrorized and killed Christian Crusaders

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Synonyms of Assassin

assassinator, bravo

Alternate forms of Assassin

Derivations: assassinate

Hypernyms: liquidator, manslayer, moslem, murderer, muslim

Origin of the word Assassin

  1. 1530s (in Anglo-L. from mid-13c.), via Fr. and It., from Arabic hashishiyyin "hashish-users," pl. of hashishiyy, from hashish (q.v.). A fanatical Ismaili Muslim sect of the time of the Crusades, under leadership of the "Old Man of the Mountains" (translates Arabic shaik-al-jibal, name applied to Hasan ibu-al-Sabbah), with a reputation for murdering opposing… more

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