Definition of


  1. (noun, communication) a bachelor's degree in arts and sciences
  2. (noun, substance) a soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group; found in barite

via WordNet, Princeton University

Alternate forms of Ba

Hyponyms: baryta

Hypernyms: baccalaureate, bachelor's degree, metal, metallic element

Words that sound like Ba

b, b-52, b.o., baa, baba, babe, baboo, babu, baby, bahai, bai, baobab, bap, baphia, bawbee, bay, bay of ob, baya, bayou, bb, be, beau, bebop, bee, beef, beef up, beefy, beehive, beep, behave, behoove, behove, bevy, bey, bh, bi, bib, biff, bo hai, boa, bob

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