Definition of


  1. (adv, all) earlier in time; previously
    as I said before
    he called me the day before but your call had come even earlier
    her parents had died four years earlier
    I mentioned that problem earlier
  2. (adv, all) at or in the front
    the road ahead is foggy
    staring straight ahead
    we couldn't see over the heads of the people in front
    with the cross of Jesus marching on before

via WordNet, Princeton University

Synonyms of Before

ahead, earlier, in front

Origin of the word Before

  1. O.E. beforan "before, in front of, in the presence of, in former times," from P.Gmc. *bi- "by" + *forana "from the front," adverbial derivative of *fora (see for). Contrasting before and after in illustrations is from Hogarth (1768). more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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