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  1. (noun, artifact) furniture with drawers for keeping clothes
  2. (noun, group) an administrative unit of government
    the Census Bureau
    Office of Management and Budget
    Tennessee Valley Authority

via WordNet, Princeton University

Alternate forms of Bureau

Hyponyms: advanced research and development activity, afisr, ai, air force, air force intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance, air force isr, arda, army, army intelligence, ballistic missile defense organization, bja, bjs, bmdo, bureau of customs, bureau of diplomatic security, bureau of engraving and printing, bureau of intelligence and research, bureau of justice assistance, bureau of justice statistics, bureau of the census, casualty care research center, ccrc, cdc, census bureau, center for disease control and prevention, chiffonier, commode, comptroller of the currency, counterterrorist center, ctc, customs bureau, customs service, darpa, defense advanced research projects agency, defense information systems agency, defense logistics agency, defense reutilization and marketing service, defense technical information center, department of defense laboratory system, department of energy intelligence, disa, doei, drms, ds, dtic, executive agency, faa, fda, federal aviation agency, federal housing administration, fha, financial management service, food and drug administration, foreign service, fws, gao, government accounting office, government printing office, gpo, highboy, immigration and naturalization service, independent agency, inr, ins, internal revenue service, irs, lablink, law enforcement agency, local authority, lowboy, marine corps intelligence activity, mcia, national climatic data center, national geospatial-intelligence agency, national guard bureau, national institute of standards and technology, national institutes of health, national oceanic and atmospheric administration, national park service, national technical information service, national weather service, naval air warfare center weapons division, naval special warfare, naval surface warfare center, naval underwater warfare center, navy, nawcwpns, ncdc, nga, ngb, nih, nist, noaa, nonproliferation center, npc, nsw, nswc, ntis, nuwc, occupational safety and health administration, office of intelligence support, office of naval intelligence, ois, oni, organ, osha, patent and trademark office database, patent office, phs, tallboy, technology administration, transportation security administration, tsa, u. s. air force, u. s. army, u. s. coast guard, united states air force, united states army, united states border patrol, united states coast guard, united states fish and wildlife service, united states government accounting office, united states government printing office, united states navy, united states public health service, us air force, us army, us border patrol, us coast guard, us fish and wildlife service, us government printing office, us navy, usa, usaf, uscb, usn

Hypernyms: administrative body, administrative unit, article of furniture, furniture, piece of furniture

Origin of the word Bureau

  1. 1690s, from Fr. bureau "office, desk," originally "cloth covering for a desk," from burel "coarse woolen cloth" (as a cover for writing desks), O.Fr. dim. of bure "dark brown cloth," which is perhaps either from L. burrus "red," or from L.L. burra "wool, shaggy garment." Offices being full of such desks, the meaning expanded 1720 to "division … more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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