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  1. (noun, artifact) a hidden storage space (for money or provisions or weapons)
  2. (noun, artifact) (computer science) RAM memory that is set aside as a specialized buffer storage that is continually updated; used to optimize data transfers between system elements with different characteristics
  3. (noun, possession) a secret store of valuables or money
  4. (verb, possession) save up as for future use

via WordNet, Princeton University

Alternate forms of Cache

Derivations: cache

Hyponyms: disk cache

Hypernyms: buffer, buffer storage, buffer store, fund, lay aside, save, save up, stock, storage space, store

Origin of the word Cache

  1. 1797, "hiding place," from Fr. Canadian trappers' slang, "hiding place for stores" (1660s), a back formation from Fr. cacher "to hide, conceal" (13c., O.Fr. cachier), from V.L. *coacticare "store up, collect, compress," freq. of L. coactare "constrain," from coactus pp. of cogere "to collect" (see cogent). Sense extended by 1830s to "an… more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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