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  1. (noun, animal) any of various fissiped mammals with nonretractile claws and typically long muzzles
  2. (noun, body) one of the four pointed conical teeth (two in each jaw) located between the incisors and the premolars
  3. (adj, pert) of or relating to or characteristic of members of the family Canidae
  4. (adj, pert) of or relating to a pointed conical tooth

via WordNet, Princeton University

Alternate forms of Canine

Derivations: canine

Hyponyms: bitch, canis aureus, canis familiaris, dog, domestic dog, fang, fox, hyaena, hyena, jackal, wild dog, wolf

Hypernyms: carnivore, tooth

Origin of the word Canine

  1. "pointed teeth," late 14c., from L. caninus "of the dog," gen. of canis "dog," from PIE base *kwon- "dog" (cf. Gk. kyon, O.E. hund, O.H.G. hunt, O.Ir. cu, Welsh ci, Skt. svan-, Avestan spa, Rus. sobaka (apparently from an Iranian source), Armenian shun, Lith. suo). The adjective is attest… more

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