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  1. (noun, communication) a subdivision of a written work; usually numbered and titled
  2. (noun, event) a series of related events forming an episode
  3. (noun, group) a local branch of some fraternity or association
  4. (noun, group) an ecclesiastical assembly of the monks in a monastery or even of the canons of a church
  5. (noun, time) any distinct period in history or in a person's life
    the divorce was an ugly chapter in their relationship

via WordNet, Princeton University

Alternate forms of Chapter

Hypernyms: assembly, club, episode, gild, guild, lodge, order, phase, section, social club, society, stage, subdivision

Origin of the word Chapter

  1. c.1200, "main division of a book," from O.Fr. chapitre, alt. of chapitle, from L. capitulum, dim. of caput (gen. capitis) "head" (see head). Sense of "local branch" traces to convocations of canons at cathedral churches, during which the rules of the order or a chapter (capitulum) of Scripture were read aloud. more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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