Definition of


  1. (noun, communication) loud and persistent outcry from many people
  2. (verb, communication) make loud demands
  3. (verb, communication) utter or proclaim insistently and noisily

via WordNet, Princeton University

Synonyms of Clamour

clamor, clamoring, clamouring, hue and cry

Alternate forms of Clamour

Derivations: clamour

Hypernyms: call, cry, demand, express, give tongue to, outcry, shout, utter, verbalise, verbalize, vociferation, yell

Origin of the word Clamour

  1. British spelling of clamor (q.v.); for suffix, see -or. more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

Words that sound like Clamour

calamari, calamary, calm air, cislunar, clamor, claw hammer, clawhammer, claymore, cleaner, coal miner, collinear, columnar, culinary

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