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  1. (verb, communication) transmit information
    pass along the good news
  2. (verb, communication) transmit thoughts or feelings
  3. (verb, possession) transfer to another
  4. (verb, contact) join or connect
  5. (verb, communication) be in verbal contact; interchange information or ideas
    Do you communicate well with your advisor?
  6. (verb, communication) administer Communion; in church
  7. (verb, communication) receive Communion, in the Catholic church

via WordNet, Princeton University

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Origin of the word Communicate

  1. 1520s, "to impart" (information, etc.), from L. communicat-, pp. stem of communicare (see communication). Meaning "to share, transmit" (diseases, etc.) is from 1530s. Related: communicated (pp. adj., 1680s); communicating (1550s). more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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