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  1. (noun, attribute) steadiness of mind under stress

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Synonyms of Composure

calm, calmness, equanimity

Antonyms of Composure


Alternate forms of Composure

Derivations: compose

Hyponyms: aplomb, assuredness, cool, placidity, poise, quiet, repose, sang-froid, serenity, tranquility, tranquillity

Hypernyms: disposition, temperament

Origin of the word Composure

  1. c.1600, with many senses now given to composition or compound, from compose + -ure. Sense of "tranquility, calmness" is first recorded 1660s, from composed "calm" (1620s). For sense, cf. colloquial to fall apart "to lose one's composure." more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

Words that sound like Composure

camp chair, canopic jar, canvasser, chiacoan peccary, composer, confessor, configure

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