Definition of


  1. (noun, person) a person of subnormal intelligence

via WordNet, Princeton University

Synonyms of Cretin

changeling, half-wit, idiot, imbecile, moron, retard

Alternate forms of Cretin

Derivations: cretinous

Hyponyms: mongoloid

Hypernyms: simple, simpleton

Origin of the word Cretin

  1. 1779, from Fr. Alpine dialect crestin, "a dwarfed and deformed idiot" of a type formerly found in families in the Alpine lands, a condition caused by a congenital deficiency of thyroid hormones, from V.L. *christianus "a Christian," a generic term for "anyone," but often with a sense of "poor fellow." Related: Cretinism (1801). more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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