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  1. (noun, group) a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn

via WordNet, Princeton University

Synonyms of Data


Alternate forms of Data

Hyponyms: accounting data, metadata, raw data

Hypernyms: accumulation, aggregation, assemblage, collection

Origin of the word Data

  1. 1640s, plural of datum, from L. datum "(thing) given," neuter pp. of dare "to give" (see date (1)). Meaning "transmittable and storable computer information" first recorded 1946. Data processing is from 1954. more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

Words that sound like Data

2d, 3-d, 3d, d, d-day, d.a., d.o.a., da, da'wah, dad, dada, daddy, dado, dah, dat, date, dated, daw, dawah, day, day-to-day, dd, ddi, ddt, de, dea, dead, dead ahead, dead heat, deadeye, deadhead, deadwood, death, death duty, ded, deed, deity

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