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  1. (noun, act) a courteous expression (by word or deed) of esteem or regard
    be sure to give my respects to the dean
  2. (noun, attribute) courteous regard for people's feelings
    out of respect for his privacy
  3. (noun, attribute) a disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others

via WordNet, Princeton University

Alternate forms of Deference

Derivations: defer, deferent, deferential

Hyponyms: court, homage, last respects, props

Hypernyms: agreeability, agreeableness, civility, courtesy, good manners, politeness

Origin of the word Deference

  1. 1640s, from Fr. d?f?rence (16c.), from d?f?rer (see defer (2)). more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

Words that sound like Deference

dapperness, devouring, dibranch, dibranchia, difference

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