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  1. (noun, group) a specialized division of a large organization
    she got a job in the historical section of the Treasury
  2. (noun, location) the territorial and administrative division of some countries (such as France)
  3. (noun, cognition) a specialized sphere of knowledge
    his work established a new department of literature

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Origin of the word Department

  1. mid-15c., "a going away, act of leaving," from O.Fr. d?partement (12c.), from L.L. departire (see depart). French department meant "group of people" (as well as "departure"), from which English borrowed the sense of "separate division, separate business assigned to someone in a larger organization" (c.1735). Meaning "separate division of a government" is fr… more

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Words that sound like Department

debridement, department head, deportment, divertimento

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