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  1. (noun, act) an activity that you like or at which you are superior
    his bag now is learning to play golf
    marriage was scarcely his dish
  2. (noun, artifact) a piece of dishware normally used as a container for holding or serving food
  3. (noun, artifact) directional antenna consisting of a parabolic reflector for microwave or radio frequency radiation
  4. (noun, food) a particular item of prepared food
  5. (noun, person) a very attractive or seductive looking woman
  6. (noun, quantity) the quantity that a dish will hold
  7. (verb, change) make concave; shape like a dish
  8. (verb, consumption) provide (usually but not necessarily food)
    She dished out the soup at 8 P.M.
    The entertainers served up a lively show

via WordNet, Princeton University

Alternate forms of Dish

Derivations: dish, dishy

Hyponyms: adobo, apple sauce, applesauce, bacon and eggs, baked egg, barbecue, barbecued spareribs, barbecued wing, barbeque, beef bourguignonne, beef stroganoff, beef wellington, belgian beef stew, biriani, biryani, bitok, boat, boeuf bourguignonne, boiled dinner, boiled egg, boston baked beans, bowl, bubble and squeak, buffalo wing, burrito, butter dish, cake, cannibal mound, carbonnade flamande, casserole, chicken and rice, chicken cordon bleu, chicken kiev, chicken marengo, chicken paprika, chicken paprikash, chicken provencale, chili, chili con carne, chinese fried rice, chop suey, chow mein, coddled egg, cold stuffed tomato, coq au vin, coquille, coquilles saint-jacques, cottage pie, couscous, croquette, curry, custard, deviled egg, dolmas, dropped egg, egg en cocotte, egg roll, eggs benedict, enchilada, entremets, escalope de veau orloff, falafel, felafel, filet de boeuf en croute, fish and chips, fish ball, fish finger, fish stick, fondu, fondue, french toast, fried egg, fried rice, frijoles refritos, frittata, frog legs, galantine, gefilte fish, gravy boat, gravy holder, haggis, ham and eggs, hash, hot stuffed tomato, italian rice, jambalaya, kabob, kebab, kedgeree, kishke, lobster thermidor, lutefisk, lutfisk, macedoine, maryland chicken, meat loaf, meatball, meatloaf, mold, moo goo gai pan, mould, moussaka, mousse, new england boiled dinner, omelet, omelette, osso buco, paella, pasta, patty, pepper steak, peppered steak, petri dish, pheasant under glass, piece de resistance, pilaf, pilaff, pilau, pilaw, pizza, pizza pie, plank, poached egg, poi, pork and beans, porridge, potpie, pudding, ramekin, ramequin, rarebit, refried beans, rijstafel, rijstaffel, rijsttaffel, risotto, rissole, roulade, salad, salisbury steak, sandwich plate, sashimi, sauceboat, sauerbraten, sauerkraut, saute, scallopine, scallopini, scampi, scanner, schnitzel, scotch egg, scotch woodcock, scrambled eggs, scrapple, seafood newburg, serving dish, shirred egg, shish kebab, side dish, side order, snack food, souffle, soup, spaghetti and meatballs, spanish rice, spareribs, special, spring roll, steak au poivre, steak tartare, stew, stuffed cabbage, stuffed derma, stuffed egg, stuffed grape leaves, stuffed peppers, stuffed tomato, succotash, sugar bowl, sukiyaki, sushi, swiss steak, taco, tamale, tamale pie, tartar steak, tempura, teriyaki, terrine, tetrazzini, timbale, tostada, turnover, veal cordon bleu, veal parmesan, veal parmigiana, viand, watch glass, welsh rabbit, welsh rarebit, wiener schnitzel

Hypernyms: activity, adult female, aliment, alimentation, cater, container, containerful, crockery, directional antenna, dishware, form, nourishment, nutriment, nutrition, ply, provide, shape, supply, sustenance, victuals, woman

Origin of the word Dish

  1. O.E. disc "plate, bowl, platter," borrowed c.700 from L. discus "dish, platter, quoit," from Gk. diskos "disk, platter." O.H.G. borrowed the word as tisc "plate," but Ger. tisch now means "table," in common with other later Romanic forms (cf. It. desco, Fr. dais). Meaning "variety of food served" is first recorded c.1450. Verb me… more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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