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  1. (noun, act) a means to an end; not necessarily a principled or ethical one
  2. (adj, all) serving to promote your interest
  3. (adj, all) appropriate to a purpose; practical

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Antonyms of Expedient


Alternate forms of Expedient

Derivations: expedience, expediency

Hyponyms: crutch, improvisation, last resort, make-do, makeshift, pis aller, stopgap, temporary expedient

Hypernyms: agency, means, way

Origin of the word Expedient

  1. late 14c., "advantageous, fit, proper" (adj.), from L. expedientem (nom. expediens) "beneficial," prp. of expedire "make fit or ready, prepare" (see expedite). The noun meaning "a device adopted in an exigency, a resource" is from 1650s. Related: Expediential; expedientially; expediently. more

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Words that sound like Expedient

egyptian deity, equipotent

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