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  1. (noun, animal) outer coat of especially sheep and yaks
  2. (noun, artifact) a soft bulky fabric with deep pile; used chiefly for clothing
  3. (noun, substance) tanned skin of a sheep with the fleece left on; used for clothing
  4. (noun, substance) the wool of a sheep or similar animal
  5. (verb, contact) shear the wool from
  6. (verb, possession) rip off; ask an unreasonable price

via WordNet, Princeton University

Alternate forms of Fleece

Derivations: fleece, fleecy

Hyponyms: extort, golden fleece, gouge, rack, squeeze, wring

Hypernyms: cheat, chisel, cloth, coat, fabric, leather, material, pelage, rip off, shave, textile, trim, wool

Origin of the word Fleece

  1. O.E. fleos, from W.Gmc. *flusaz (cf. M.Du. vluus, M.H.G. vlius, Ger. Vlies), probably from PIE *plus- (cf. L. pluma "feather, down," Lith. plunksna "feather"). The verb is 1530s in the literal sense of "to strip a sheep of fleece" and 1570s in the figurative meaning "to cheat, swindle." Related: Fleeced; fleecing… more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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