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  1. (noun, artifact) furnace consisting of a special hearth where metal is heated before shaping
  2. (noun, artifact) a workplace where metal is worked by heating and hammering
  3. (verb, creation) create by hammering
    forge a pair of tongues
  4. (verb, creation) make a copy of with the intent to deceive
    they counterfeited dollar bills
    She forged a Green Card
  5. (verb, creation) come up with (an idea, plan, explanation, theory, or principle) after a mental effort
  6. (verb, motion) move ahead steadily
  7. (verb, motion) move or act with a sudden increase in speed or energy
  8. (verb, creation) make something, usually for a specific function
    Form cylinders from the dough
    shape a figure
    Work the metal into a sword
  9. (verb, creation) make out of components (often in an improvising manner)

via WordNet, Princeton University

Origin of the word Forge

  1. 1279, from O.Fr. forge, earlier faverge, from L. fabrica "workshop," from faber (gen. fabri) "workman in hard materials, smith." Sense of "to counterfeit" is in Anglo-Fr. verb forger "falsify," from O.Fr. forgier, from L. fabricari "to frame, construct, build." Forgery is first recorded 1574. more
  2. 1610s, "make way, move ahead," most likely an alteration of force, but perhaps from forge (n.), via notion of steady hammering at something. Originally nautical, in reference to vessels. more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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