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  1. (noun, artifact) minimal clothing worn by stripteasers; a narrow strip of fabric that covers the pubic area, passes between the thighs, and is supported by a waistband

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Synonyms of G-string


Alternate forms of G-string

Hypernyms: woman's clothing

Origin of the word G-string

  1. 1878, geestring, "loincloth worn by American Indian," originally the string that holds it up, etymology unknown. The spelling with G (1891) is perhaps from influence of violin string tuned to a G (in this sense G string is first recorded 1831). First used of women's attire 1936, with reference to strip-teasers. more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

Words that sound like G-string

gastronomic, gathering, geothermic

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