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  1. (noun, person) a Japanese woman trained to entertain men with conversation and singing and dancing

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Synonyms of Geisha

geisha girl

Alternate forms of Geisha

Hypernyms: adult female, japanese, nipponese, woman

Origin of the word Geisha

  1. 1887, "Japanese girl whose profession is to sing and dance to entertain men;" hence, loosely, "prostitute," from Japanese, lit. "person accomplished in the social arts," from gei "art, performance" + sha "person." Cf. Athenian auletrides "flute-girls," female musicians who entertained guests at a symposium with music at the start of the party and sex at the… more

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Words that sound like Geisha

g, g-jo, g.i., ga, gaea, gag, gaga, gage, gai choi, gaia, gaius, gao, gas, gas gage, gas gauge, gaseous, gash, gassy, gauche, gaucho, gauge, gauss, gauze, gauzy, gawk, gawky, gay, gaza, gaze, gc, gca, gcse, ge, gecko, gee, gee-gee, geek, geococcyx, gesso, gewgaw, ghee, gheg, ghq

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