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  1. (noun, tops) any number of entities (members) considered as a unit
  2. (noun, cognition) a set that is closed, associative, has an identity element and every element has an inverse
  3. (noun, substance) (chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule
  4. (verb, cognition) arrange into a group or groups
  5. (verb, competition) form a group or group together

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Alternate forms of Group

Derivations: group, grouping

Hyponyms: abelian group, accumulation, actinide, actinoid, actinon, acyl, acyl group, aggregation, alcohol group, alcohol radical, aldehyde group, aldehyde radical, alkyl, alkyl group, alkyl radical, allyl, allyl group, allyl radical, amino, amino group, amyl, arrangement, arsenic group, assemblage, association, azido group, azido radical, azo group, azo radical, batch, benzoyl group, benzoyl radical, benzyl, benzyl group, benzyl radical, biological group, biotic community, bracket, brigade, butyl, cacodyl, cacodyl group, cacodyl radical, carbonyl group, carboxyl, carboxyl group, chromophore, chunk, circuit, citizenry, cloud, collection, collocate, community, commutative group, cyanide group, cyanide radical, cyano group, cyano radical, edition, electron shell, embed, ethnic group, ethnos, gang, gang up, glyceryl, halogen, hoi polloi, human beings, human race, humanity, humankind, humans, hydrazo group, hydrazo radical, hydroxyl, hydroxyl group, hydroxyl radical, ketone group, kingdom, lanthanide, lanthanoid, lanthanon, lump, man, mankind, mass, masses, methylene, methylene group, methylene radical, multitude, nitrite, nitro group, people, pool, population, propyl, propyl group, propyl radical, race, rare earth, rare-earth element, regroup, sainthood, scheme, series, social group, straggle, subgroup, swarm, system, team, team up, the great unwashed, uranyl, uranyl group, uranyl radical, varna, vinyl, vinyl group, vinyl radical, world

Hypernyms: abstract entity, abstraction, assemble, assort, building block, class, classify, foregather, forgather, gather, meet, separate, set, sort, sort out, unit

Origin of the word Group

  1. 1695, originally an art criticism term, "assemblage of figures or objects in a painting or design," from Fr. groupe "cluster, group," from It. gruppo "group, knot," likely ult. from P.Gmc. *kruppaz "round mass, lump." Extended to "any assemblage" by 1736. The verb is from 1718. Meaning "pop music combo" is from 1958; hence groupie "girl who follows p… more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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