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  1. (noun, location) the inner or enclosed surface of something
  2. (noun, location) the region that is inside of something
  3. (adj, all) away from the outer edge
    the inside lane
  4. (adj, all) being or applying to the inside of a building
  5. (adj, all) relating to or being on the side closer to the center or within a defined space
    inside out
    an inside pitch is between home plate and the batter
  6. (adj, all) confined to an exclusive group
    inside information
    privileged information
  7. (adv, all) in reality
  8. (adv, all) within a building
  9. (adv, all) on the inside
  10. (adv, all) with respect to private feelings

via WordNet, Princeton University

Antonyms of Inside


Alternate forms of Inside

Hyponyms: belly, midland, midst, penetralia, thick

Hypernyms: part, region, surface

Origin of the word Inside

  1. 1392, ynneside "interior of the body," compound of inne (adv.) + side. The adj. is 1611, from the noun. Insider in the modern sense of "one in possession of special information by virtue of being within some organization" is first recorded 1848, originally in ref. to the stock markets. Inside job "robbery, espionage, etc., committed by or with… more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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