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  1. (noun, person) (Old Testament) the first of the major Hebrew prophets (8th century BC)
  2. (noun, communication) an Old Testament book consisting of Isaiah's prophecies

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Synonyms of Isaiah

book of isaiah

Origin of the word Isaiah

  1. masc. proper name, name of a biblical prophet, from Heb. Yesha'yah, abbreviated form of Yesha'yahu, lit. "salvation of the Lord," from yesha, yeshua "salvation, deliverance." more

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Words that sound like Isaiah

i.q., iago, ic, icaco, icao, icc, ice, ice age, ice ax, ice axe, ice hockey, ice show, icehouse, icky, icsh, icu, icy, ig, iga, ige, igg, igigi, iguassu, iguazu, iis, ike, iq, isaac, ischia, isi, isis, issue, issus, ix, ixc, ixia

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