Definition of


  1. (verb, communication) be silly or tease one another

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Synonyms of Josh

banter, chaff, jolly, kid

Alternate forms of Josh

Hypernyms: bait, cod, rag, rally, razz, ride, tantalise, tantalize, taunt, tease, twit

Origin of the word Josh

  1. 1845, Amer.Eng., probably from the familiar version of the proper name Joshua, but just which Joshua, or why, is long forgotten. Perhaps it was taken as a typical name of an old farmer. The word was in use earlier than the career of U.S. humorist "John Billings," pseudonym of Henry Wheeler Shaw (1818-85), who did not begin to write and lecture until 1860; but his … more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

Words that sound like Josh

j, jack, jack oak, jackass, jacks, jag, jaggy, jagua, jahweh, jak, jakes, jaw, jay, jay cooke, jazz, jazz age, jazzy, jesus, jew, jewess, jewish, ji, jiao, jig, jigsaw, jiqui, jock, jockey, jocose, jog, joke, jook, jook house, joshua, joss, joss house, josue, joy

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