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  1. (noun, body) either of two folds of skin that can be moved to cover or open the eye
  2. (noun, artifact) a movable top or cover (hinged or separate) for closing the opening at the top of a box, chest, jar, pan, etc.
  3. (noun, artifact) headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim

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Synonyms of Lid

chapeau, eyelid, hat, palpebra

Origin of the word Lid

  1. O.E. hlid "lid, cover, opening, gate," from P.Gmc. *khlithan (cf. O.N. hli? "gate, gap," Swed. lid "gate," Du. lid, O.H.G. hlit "lid, cover"), from PIE base *kli- "cover, shut," or *klei- "to lean" (see lean (v.)), with here perhaps the sense of "that which bends over." Meaning "eyelid" is from c.1220. Slang sense of "hat,… more

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Words that sound like Lid

la-di-da, lad, laddie, lade, lady, lady day, laid, laity, lat, late, lath, lathe, lathee, lathi, latitude, latte, laud, laudo, lay out, layette, layout, ld., lead, leaded, led, leda, lede, lee tide, let, let out, lethe, leto, lewd, leyte

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