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  1. (noun, tops) that which has mass and occupies space
  2. (noun, attribute) (used with negation) having consequence
  3. (noun, cognition) a vaguely specified concern
    it is none of your affair
    things are going well
  4. (noun, cognition) a problem
  5. (noun, cognition) some situation or event that is thought about
    he had been thinking about the subject for several years
    it is a matter for the police
  6. (noun, communication) written works (especially in books or magazines)
  7. (verb, stative) have weight; have import, carry weight

via WordNet, Princeton University

Synonyms of Matter

affair, count, issue, subject, thing, topic, weigh

Origin of the word Matter

  1. c.1300, "material of thought, speech, or expression," from Anglo-Norm. matere, from L. materia "substance from which something is made," also "hard inner wood of a tree" (cf. Port. madeira "wood"), perhaps from mater "origin, source, mother." Or, on another theory, it represents *dmateria, from PIE root *dem-/*dom- (cf. L. domusmore

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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