Definition of


  1. (noun, communication) an endorsement
  2. (verb, communication) give sanction to
  3. (adj, all) being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition
    the passengers were shaken up but are all right
    is everything all right?
    everything's fine
    things are okay
    dinner and the movies had been fine
    another minute I'd have been fine
  4. (adv, all) in a satisfactory or adequate manner
    held up all right under pressure

via WordNet, Princeton University

Words that sound like O.k.

o'casey, oak, oas, oasis, oaxaca, oca, ochoa, ochs, ogee, oig, ois, ok, oka, okay, okeh, okey, ooze, oozy, os, os ischii, osage, osaka, osasco, osha, osseous, ouguiya, ouija, ouse, ouzo, ox, oxeye, oz., ozawa

via soundex() Hash Matches

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