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  1. (noun, communication) a lyric poem with complex stanza forms

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Alternate forms of Ode

Hyponyms: choral ode, epithalamium, horatian ode, pindaric, pindaric ode, sapphic ode

Hypernyms: lyric, lyric poem

Origin of the word Ode

  1. 1580s, from M.Fr. ode, from L.L. ode "lyric song," from Gk. oide, Attic contraction of aoide "song," from aeidein "sing," related to aude "voice, tone, sound." In classical use, "a poem intended to be sung;" in modern use usually a rhymed lyric, often an address, usually dignified, rarely extending to 150 lines. more

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Words that sound like Ode

o.d., o.e.d., oat, oath, od, odd, oddity, odo, oed, ootid, otho, otho i, otididae, oto, otoe, ottawa, otto i, out, out to, outdated, outdo, outwit

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