Definition of

Period of Time

  1. (noun, time) an amount of time
    hastened the period of time of his recovery
    Picasso's blue period

via WordNet, Princeton University

Synonyms of Period of Time

period, time period

Alternate forms of Period of Time

Hyponyms: age, air alert, bimester, bimillenary, bimillennium, bloom, blossom, bout, bronze age, calendar day, calendar month, calendar week, canicular days, canicule, century, civil day, clotting time, continuance, dark, dawn, day, daylight, daytime, decade, decennary, decennium, dog days, downtime, drought, drouth, duration, duty tour, early days, efflorescence, elapsed time, enlistment, epoch, era, eve, evening, extra time, festival, field day, flower, flush, forenoon, fortnight, generation, golden age, great year, half life, half-century, half-life, hebdomad, heyday, hitch, honeymoon, hospitalization, hour, hours, incubation period, indian summer, indiction, iron age, lactation, lease, life, life-time, lifespan, lifetime, long haul, long run, long time, lunar time period, lustrum, mid-april, mid-august, mid-december, mid-february, mid-january, mid-july, mid-june, mid-march, mid-may, mid-november, mid-october, mid-september, midweek, midwinter, millenary, millennium, month, morn, morning, morning time, multistage, nap, night, nighttime, noviciate, novitiate, occupation, olympiad, overtime, past, peacetime, peak, phase, phase of the moon, platonic year, prehistoric culture, prehistory, prime, prohibition, prohibition era, puerperium, quadrennium, quarter, quarter-century, question time, quinquennium, rainy day, real time, regulation time, reign, run, running time, saint martin's summer, school, school day, schooltime, season, semester, shelf life, silly season, silver age, sleep, stage, study hall, term, term of a contract, term of enlistment, test period, tide, time, time frame, time limit, time of life, time of year, time off, times, tour, tour of duty, travel time, trial period, trimester, twelvemonth, two weeks, uptime, usance, wartime, watch, week, weekend, window, work time, year, years, youth, yr

Hypernyms: fundamental measure, fundamental quantity

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