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  1. (noun, person) a prince or king in India

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Synonyms of Rajah


Alternate forms of Rajah

Hypernyms: aristocrat, blue blood, patrician

Origin of the word Rajah

  1. 1555, from Hindi, from Skt. rajan "king," cognate with L. rex, O.Ir. rig "king." Related to raj "kingdom, kingship" (used from 1859 in ref. to the British dominion in India). Rajput "member of the ruling caste in northern India" (1598) is from Skt. rajaputrah "prince," lit. "king's son," from putrah "son, boy" (cf. puerile). more

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Words that sound like Rajah

r.c., race, raceway, rachis, rachischisis, rack, racy, rag, rag week, rage, ragee, ragi, ragusa, raise, raj, raja, rake

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