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  1. (noun, attribute) degree of figurative distance or separation
    it imitates at many removes a Shakespearean tragedy
  2. (verb, change) remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract
    remove a wrapper
    Remove the dirty dishes from the table
    take the gun from your pocket
    This machine withdraws heat from the environment
  3. (verb, social) remove from a position or an office
  4. (verb, possession) dispose of
    The company got rid of all the dead wood
  5. (verb, social) cause to leave
  6. (verb, motion) shift the position or location of, as for business, legal, educational, or military purposes
    Remove the troops to the forest surrounding the city
    remove a case to another court
  7. (verb, change) go away or leave
  8. (verb, social) kill intentionally and with premeditation
  9. (verb, change) get rid of something abstract
    God takes away your sins

via WordNet, Princeton University

Alternate forms of Remove

Derivations: remotion, removal, remover

Hyponyms: ablate, amputate, aspirate, bail, bail out, bale out, bear away, bear off, bench, bone, boot out, brush, bur, burke, burl, burr, call in, can, cancel, carry away, carry off, carve out, cast, cast aside, cast away, cast off, cast out, chip away, chip away at, chuck out, circumcise, clean, clear, clear away, clear off, clear out, clear up, comb out, condense, cream, cream off, crumb, cull, cut into, cut off, de-aerate, de-iodinate, de-ionate, deaerate, debone, decaffeinate, decalcify, decarbonate, decarbonise, decarbonize, decarburise, decarburize, decerebrate, dechlorinate, decoke, decorticate, defang, defat, defibrinate, defuse, degas, degrease, dehorn, deionize, delete, delist, delocalize, delouse, delve, demineralise, demineralize, deoxygenate, depilate, descale, desorb, destain, desulfurize, desulphurize, detick, detoxicate, detoxify, detusk, devein, dig, disburden, discard, discharge, disembowel, disinvest, dislodge, dismantle, dismiss, displace, dispose, ditch, divest, draw, draw away, draw off, draw out, dredge, drive out, drop, drum out, dump, eliminate, empty, enucleate, epilate, estrange, eviscerate, excavate, execute, exenterate, expectorate, expel, extirpate, extract, fettle, fire, flense, flesh, flick, fling, force out, free, get out, give notice, give the axe, give the sack, gut, harvest, head, hollow, hull, husk, hypophysectomise, hypophysectomize, invalid, kern, kick out, knock out, lade, laden, ladle, leach, lift, lift out, muck, offsaddle, oust, pick, pit, pith, pull, pull off, pull out, pull up, put away, ream, resect, sack, scale, scalp, scavenge, scoop, scoop out, scoop up, scum, seed, send away, shake off, shed, shell, shuck, skim, skim off, slough off, spoon, stem, stone, string, strip, suck out, take away, take off, take out, take up, tear away, tear off, terminate, throw, throw away, throw off, throw out, tip, toss, toss away, toss out, turn over, tusk, unbridle, unburden, undock, undress, unhinge, unmuzzle, unpack, unsaddle, unseat, unstring, unveil, wash, wash away, wash off, wash out, wear away, wear off, weed, weed out, winkle out, winnow, wipe away, wipe off, withdraw, work off

Hypernyms: disappear, distance, go away, kill, shift, transfer, vanish

Origin of the word Remove

  1. c.1300, from O.Fr. remouvoir, from L. removere "move back or away," from re- "back, away" + movere "to move" (see move). The noun is first recorded 1553, "act of removing;" sense of "space or interval by which one thing is distant from another" is attested from 1628. more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

Words that sound like Remove

rainbow, ramify, ramp, ramp up, reunify, rhomb, rhumb, rhumba, romanoff, romanov, romp, rum baba, rumba, rump, run by, run off, run up, run-up, runoff, runup

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