Definition of

Rosid Dicot Family

  1. (noun, plant) a family of dicotyledonous plants

via WordNet, Princeton University

Alternate forms of Rosid Dicot Family

Hyponyms: apiaceae, araliaceae, balsam family, balsaminaceae, bean-caper family, burseraceae, caesalpiniaceae, caesalpinioideae, callitrichaceae, carrot family, cephalotaceae, connaraceae, cornaceae, cunonia family, cunoniaceae, dogwood family, euphorbiaceae, evening-primrose family, fabaceae, family apiaceae, family araliaceae, family balsaminaceae, family burseraceae, family caesalpiniaceae, family callitrichaceae, family cephalotaceae, family connaraceae, family cornaceae, family cunoniaceae, family euphorbiaceae, family fabaceae, family geraniaceae, family hydrangeaceae, family leguminosae, family lepidobotryaceae, family malpighiaceae, family melastomaceae, family melastomataceae, family meliaceae, family mimosaceae, family onagraceae, family oxalidaceae, family papilionacea, family platanaceae, family polygalaceae, family rosaceae, family rutaceae, family saxifragaceae, family simaroubaceae, family tropaeolaceae, family umbelliferae, family zygophyllaceae, geraniaceae, geranium family, hydrangea family, hydrangeaceae, ivy family, legume family, leguminosae, lepidobotryaceae, mahogany family, malpighiaceae, meadow-beauty family, melastomaceae, melastomataceae, meliaceae, milkwort family, mimosaceae, mimosoideae, nasturtium family, onagraceae, oxalidaceae, papilionaceae, papilionoideae, pea family, philadelphaceae, plane-tree family, platanaceae, polygalaceae, quassia family, rosaceae, rose family, rue family, rutaceae, saxifragaceae, saxifrage family, simaroubaceae, spurge family, subfamily caesalpinioideae, subfamily mimosoideae, subfamily papilionoideae, subfamily philadelphaceae, torchwood family, tropaeolaceae, umbelliferae, wood-sorrel family, zebrawood family, zygophyllaceae

Hypernyms: dicot family, magnoliopsid family

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