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  1. (noun, time) 1/60 of a minute; the basic unit of time adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites
  2. (noun, time) an indefinitely short time
    in a mo
    it only takes a minute
    in just a bit
  3. (noun, act) the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is stationed near the second of the bases in the infield
  4. (noun, time) a particular point in time
  5. (noun, linkdef) following the first in an ordering or series
  6. (noun, quantity) a 60th part of a minute of arc
  7. (noun, person) the official attendant of a contestant in a duel or boxing match
  8. (noun, communication) a speech seconding a motion
  9. (noun, artifact) the gear that has the second lowest forward gear ratio in the gear box of a motor vehicle
  10. (noun, artifact) merchandise that has imperfections; usually sold at a reduced price without the brand name
  11. (verb, social) give support or one's approval to
    I can't back this plan
    endorse a new project
  12. (verb, social) transfer an employee to a different, temporary assignment
  13. (adj, all) coming next after the first in position in space or time or degree or magnitude
  14. (adj, all) a part or voice or instrument or orchestra section lower in pitch than or subordinate to the first
    the second violins
  15. (adv, all) in the second place

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Origin of the word Second

  1. "after first," c.1300, from O.Fr. second, from L. secundus "following, next in order," from root of sequi "follow" (see sequel). Replaced native other (q.v.) in this sense because of the ambiguousness of the earlier word. Second-hand is from 1474; second-rate is from 1669, originally of ships (see rate); second sight is from 1616; an et… more
  2. "one-sixtieth of a minute," late 14c., from O.Fr. seconde, from M.L. secunda, short for secunda pars minuta "second diminished part," the result of the second division of the hour by sixty (the first being the "prime minute," now called the minute), from L. secunda, fem. of secundus (see second (adj.)). Shortened form sec first r… more
  3. "to further, to support," 1586, "to support or represent in a duel, fight, etc.," from M.Fr. seconder, from L. secundare "to assist, make favorable," from secundus "assisting, favorable, following, second" (see second (adj.)). the noun in this sense is first recorded 1590. The verb in the parliamentary sense is first recorded 1597. more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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