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  1. (noun, communication) a self-contained part of a larger composition (written or musical)
    the history of this work is discussed in the next section
  2. (noun, object) a very thin slice (of tissue or mineral or other substance) for examination under a microscope
  3. (noun, location) a distinct region or subdivision of a territorial or political area or community or group of people
    there are three synagogues in the Jewish section
  4. (noun, artifact) one of several parts or pieces that fit with others to constitute a whole object
    metal sections were used below ground
    finished the final segment of the road
  5. (noun, group) a small team of policemen working as part of a police platoon
  6. (noun, cognition) one of the portions into which something is regarded as divided and which together constitute a whole
    the finance section of the company
    the BBC's engineering division
  7. (noun, quantity) a land unit equal to 1 square mile
  8. (noun, location) (geometry) the area created by a plane cutting through a solid
  9. (noun, group) a small class of students who are part of a larger course but are taught separately
  10. (noun, group) a division of an orchestra containing all instruments of the same class
  11. (noun, group) a small army unit usually having a special function
  12. (noun, group) a specialized division of a large organization
    she got a job in the historical section of the Treasury
  13. (noun, food) a segment of a citrus fruit
  14. (noun, act) the cutting of or into body tissues or organs (especially by a surgeon as part of an operation)
  15. (verb, contact) divide into segments
    segment a compound word

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Alternate forms of Section

Derivations: section

Hyponyms: above, academic department, article, beginning, bend, book, bout, brass, brass section, business department, canto, chapter, chukka, chukker, clause, close, closing, component, conclusion, constituent, cross section, curve, dado, development, element, end, ending, episode, exposition, factor, final period, first period, frame, game, gastromy, government department, half, high point, ingredient, inning, insert, introduction, laparotomy, lead, lead-in, leaf, lede, length, locality, mezuza, mezuzah, middle, narration, neck of the woods, neighborhood, neighbourhood, nephrotomy, obbligato, obligato, orchotomy, outskirts, over, passage, payroll, payroll department, percussion, percussion section, perineotomy, period, personnel, personnel department, personnel office, phlebotomy, quarter, recapitulation, reed section, rhythm section, round, sclerotomy, second period, security, security department, sports section, spot, staff office, straight, straightaway, string section, strings, subdivision, subsection, sura, syllabicate, syllabify, syllabise, syllabize, thoracotomy, turn, valvotomy, valvulotomy, vasosection, vasotomy, venesection, vicinity

Hypernyms: area, army unit, class, concept, conception, construct, country, course, cut, cutting, divide, division, expanse, form, grade, music, musical group, musical organisation, musical organization, part, piece of writing, portion, segment, separate, slice, squad, square mile, surface area, team, writing, written material

Origin of the word Section

  1. 1559, from M.Fr. section, from L. sectionem (nom. sectio) "a cutting, cutting off, division," from sectus, pp. of secare "to cut," from PIE base *sek- "cut" (cf. O.C.S. seko, sesti "to cut," secivo "ax, hatchet;" Lith. isekti "to engrave, carve;" Alb. sate "mattock;" O.S. segasna, O.E. sig?e "sc… more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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