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  1. (noun, person) a member of a group of Semitic-speaking peoples of the Middle East and northern Africa
  2. (adj, pert) of or relating to or characteristic of Semites

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Synonyms of Semite


Alternate forms of Semite

Derivations: semite, semitic

Hyponyms: arab, arabian, aramaean, aramean, assyrian, babylonian, canaanite, chaldaean, chaldean, chaldee, phoenician

Hypernyms: caucasian, white, white person

Origin of the word Semite

  1. 1847, "Jew, Arab, Assyrian, Aram?an," from Mod.L. Semita, from L.L. Sem "Shem," one of the three sons of Noah (Gen. x:21-30), regarded as the ancestor of the Semites (in the days when anthropology was still bound by the Bible), from Heb. Shem. Semitic (1813 of languages, 1826 of persons) is probably from Ger. semitisch (first used by Ger. hist… more

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