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  1. (noun, attribute) the property of tasting as if it contains sugar
  2. (noun, cognition) the taste experience when sugar dissolves in the mouth
  3. (noun, food) a food rich in sugar
  4. (noun, food) a dish served as the last course of a meal
  5. (noun, person) English phonetician; one of the founders of modern phonetics (1845-1912)
  6. (adj, all) having a natural fragrance
    the odorous air of the orchard
    the perfumed air of June
    scented flowers
  7. (adj, all) not containing or composed of salt water
  8. (adj, all) having a sweet nature befitting an angel or cherub
    a cherubic face
    looking so seraphic when he slept
    a sweet disposition
  9. (adj, all) pleasing to the ear
  10. (adj, all) pleasing to the mind or feeling
  11. (adj, all) pleasing to the senses
    the sweet face of a child
  12. (adj, all) with sweetening added
  13. (adj, all) (used of wines) having a high residual sugar content
  14. (adj, all) having or denoting the characteristic taste of sugar
  15. (adj, all) not soured or preserved
  16. (adv, all) in an affectionate or loving manner (`sweet' is sometimes a poetic or informal variant of `sweetly')
    how sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank
    talking sweet to each other

via WordNet, Princeton University

Antonyms of Sweet

dry, sour

Origin of the word Sweet

  1. O.E. swete "pleasing to the senses, mind or feelings," from P.Gmc. *swotijaz (cf. O.S. swoti, Swed. s?t, Dan. s?d, M.Du. soete, Du. zoet, O.H.G. swuozi, Ger. s??), from PIE base *swad- (Skt. svadus "sweet;" Gk. hedys "sweet, pleasant, agreeable," hedone "pleasure;" L. suavis "sweet… more
  2. c.1300, "something sweet to the taste," also "beloved one," from sweet (adj.); the meaning "candy drop" is 1851 (earlier sweetie, 1721). more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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