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  1. (noun, act) the act of giving a talk to an audience
  2. (noun, communication) an exchange of ideas via conversation
  3. (noun, communication) discussion; (`talk about' is a less formal alternative for `discussion of')
  4. (noun, communication) idle gossip or rumor
  5. (noun, communication) a speech that is open to the public
  6. (verb, communication) deliver a lecture or talk
    Did you ever lecture at Harvard?
  7. (verb, communication) divulge confidential information or secrets
  8. (verb, communication) express in speech
    This depressed patient does not verbalize
  9. (verb, communication) reveal information
    The former employee spilled all the details
  10. (verb, communication) exchange thoughts; talk with
    Actions talk louder than words
  11. (verb, communication) use language
    the prisoner won't speak
    they speak a strange dialect

via WordNet, Princeton University

Antonyms of Talk

keep quiet

Alternate forms of Talk

Derivations: talk, talkative, talker, talking, talky

Hyponyms: babble, bark, bay, begin, blab, blabber, blubber, blubber out, blunder, blunder out, blurt, blurt out, bumble, butterfly, cackle, cant, carry on, chalk talk, chant, chat up, chatter, cheek, clack, continue, converse, coquet, coquette, dally, deliver, dialog, dialogue, discourse, dish the dirt, dissertate, dogmatise, dogmatize, drone, drone on, duologue, ejaculate, enthuse, falter, flirt, gabble, generalise, generalize, gibber, go on, gossip, gulp, heart-to-heart, hiss, hold forth, idle words, inflect, intone, jabber, jaw, jazz, level, lip off, malarkey, malarky, mash, maunder, modulate, monologuise, monologuize, mouth off, mumble, murmur, mussitate, mutter, nothingness, open up, orate, palaver, peep, philander, phonate, piffle, pious platitude, pontificate, prate, prattle, preach, present, proceed, prophesy, rabbit on, rant, rap, rasp, rattle on, rave, read, romance, run on, shmooze, shoot one's mouth off, shop talk, shout, sibilate, sing, siss, sizz, slang, slur, smatter, snap, snarl, snivel, soliloquise, soliloquize, speak in tongues, speak up, spiel, spout, stammer, stutter, swallow, talk about, talk down, talk of, talk turkey, tattle, tittle-tattle, tone, troll, twaddle, verbalise, verbalize, vocalise, vocalize, whiff, whine, whisper, wind, yack, yack away, yak, yakety-yak, yap away

Hypernyms: address, break, bring out, comment, communicate, conversation, disclose, discourse, discover, discussion, divulge, expose, give away, gossip, instruct, intercommunicate, learn, lecture, lecturing, let on, let out, reveal, scuttlebutt, speech, teach, tell, treatment, unwrap

Origin of the word Talk

  1. early 13c., talken, probably a dim. or frequentative form related to M.E. tale "story," ultimately from the same source as tale (cf. hark from hear, stalk from steal) and replacing that word as a verb. E.Fris. has talken "to talk, chatter, whisper." To talk shop is from 1854. To talk turkey is from 1824, supposedly … more
  2. c.1475, "speech, discourse, conversation," from talk (v.). Meaning "informal lecture or address" is from 1859. Talk of the town first recorded 1624. Talk show first recorded 1965; talk radio is from 1985. more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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