Definition of


  1. (noun, artifact) a strong fabric used for mattress and pillow covers
  2. (noun, event) a metallic tapping sound

via WordNet, Princeton University

Synonyms of Ticking


Alternate forms of Ticking

Derivations: tick

Hyponyms: ticktock, tictac, tocktact

Hypernyms: cloth, fabric, material, sound, textile

Origin of the word Ticking

  1. "cloth covering for mattresses or pillows," 1649, from tyke (modern tick) with the same meaning (1342), probably from M.Du. tike, a W.Gmc. borrowing of L. theca "case," from Gk. theke "a case, box, cover, sheath" (see theco-). more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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