Definition of


  1. (noun, substance) a small mass of soft material
  2. (noun, quantity) (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent
    a deal of trouble
    a lot of money
    he made a mint on the stock market
    see the rest of the winners in our huge passel of photos
    it must have cost plenty
    a slew of journalists
    a wad of money
  3. (noun, food) a wad of something chewable as tobacco
  4. (verb, contact) compress into a wad
  5. (verb, contact) crowd or pack to capacity

via WordNet, Princeton University

Origin of the word Wad

  1. 1540, "soft material for padding or stuffing," of uncertain origin, and the different meanings may represent more than one source. Among the possible connections are M.L. wadda, Du. watten, and M.E. wadmal (1392) "woolen cloth," which seems to be from O.N. va?mal "a woolen fabric of Scandinavia," probably from va? "cloth" + mal "measure… more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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