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  1. (noun, act) (baseball) an advance to first base by a batter who receives four balls
  2. (noun, act) the act of traveling by foot
  3. (noun, act) the act of walking somewhere
  4. (noun, act) a slow gait of a horse in which two feet are always on the ground
  5. (noun, act) careers in general
  6. (noun, artifact) a path set aside for walking
  7. (noun, attribute) manner of walking
  8. (verb, competition) obtain a base on balls
  9. (verb, competition) give a base on balls to
  10. (verb, motion) take a walk; go for a walk; walk for pleasure
    We like to walk every Sunday
  11. (verb, motion) use one's feet to advance; advance by steps
    We walked instead of driving
    She walks with a slight limp
    The patient cannot walk yet
    Walk over to the cabinet
  12. (verb, motion) make walk
    Walk the dog twice a day
  13. (verb, motion) accompany or escort
  14. (verb, motion) traverse or cover by walking
    Paul walked the streets of Damascus
    She walks 3 miles every day
  15. (verb, motion) walk at a pace
  16. (verb, social) be or act in association with
    Walk with God
  17. (verb, social) live or behave in a specified manner

via WordNet, Princeton University

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Origin of the word Walk

  1. O.E. wealcan "to toss, roll," and wealcian "to roll up, curl, muffle up," from P.Gmc. *welk- (cf. O.N. valka "to drag about," Dan. valke "to full," M.Du. walken "to knead, press, full," O.H.G. walchan "to knead," Ger. walken "to full"), perhaps ult. from PIE base *wel- "to turn, bend, twist, roll" (see vulva). Meani… more
  2. late 14c., "act of walking" (see walk (v.)). The noun meaning "broad path in a garden" is from 1530s; walk of life is from 1752. Sports sense of "base on balls" is recorded from 1905. more

via Online Etymology Dictionary, ©2001 Douglas Harper

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